Shipping Restrictions

The following list reflects the best information we have at this time and may or may not be complete. In no way should this be regarded as the final word on the legal status of self-defense products. Nor, is this list intended to take the place of legal counsel, or be looked at as being any form of legal advice. Please check with your state and county authorities to obtain the latest information on the legality of self-defense products in your area.

As a reminder, it is the responsibility of the buyer and not the dealer to check their local and state laws to determine the legality of that product.




Auto-open (OTF) Knives No USPS  
Expandable Batons   California
Fire Gone   California
Hard Knuckle Gloves   California and Washington
Li-ion Battery No USPS  
ORM-D No Parcel Select for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico  
Pepper Spray No Parcel Select for Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico  
    Washington, DC, New York
PepperBall   No live rounds are allowed in California, New York & Massachusetts
    Massachusetts New York requires FFL
SAP Gloves   Massachusetts, California, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey
Self-defense Keychain   Washington and California
Stun Gun   Hawaii, Rhode Island, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Massachusetts
    Hawaii, Illinois, and Rhode Island
    Permit Required for Conceal Carry: Alaska, Delaware, New Mexico, and North Dakota
    Background Check Required: Maryland, Minnesota
TASER® Devices   Permit Required for Ownership: Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Mississippi
    Only Allowed for Home Defense: Connecticut
    Massachusetts: Requires Firearms License, ID, and MA Basic Firearms Safety Course Certificate
    Illinois requires FOID card